it’s time to leave

As cloudy days take over feelings and emotions I think it’s officially about to be the time to leave every bad thing behind. People are so obsessed with NYE being the “new me” time when in reality, it’s when spring rolls in that we realize what has become toxic to us and what we want to adhere in our lives. When you cling on to something that really is no use to you, try your hardest to let it go. Remember, nothing rules over you life unless you let it. Breath in and take a moment to realize your self worth. Go for a walk (when it’s sunny and beautiful out (or if you prefer rain and clouds go out!)) and just clear your mind from all the negativity that might have taken over your thoughts. This time you have to yourself, you’ll definitely appreciate it. We are made to be selfish when it comes to our well-being and state of mind.

Love yourself like no one else will.

Give yourself life.
Find something that gives you life. Whether it’s going to the beach, writing music, dancing, drawing, find something. And don’t, please don’t, stick to binge watching Netflix because that really doesn’t give you too much of a life.

Take a break
from everything. From yourself. From your thoughts.

In all honesty, saying goodbye and leaving can be hard… but don’t let it take over what is in store for you in the future. You can shape your future to whatever you have in mind.