A New Wave of Music – Banesworld



Cigarettes, beer, maybe some good herbal greens. That’s what I vibe to when listening to Banesworld.

If you come from the music genres of Mac Demarco, Innerwave, Plums, or you just love that jazzy, art gallery music, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Shane Blanchard, singer/composer/guitarist/whatever musical talent there is in this world, definitely gave a new name to what “chill” music is. Always uploading songs onto his soundcloud account and on June 4, 2016 his album “Drowsy” was released on Spotify, which also gave those summer nights a pretty good vibe. I personally follow Shane on social media and I am so amazed by his musical talents. His guitar skills are WOW. As weird as it may sound, I’ve been following Shanes music for a while now. I believe it’s been 3 years. It’s mostly because he’s a local artist. (SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS). And also because I’m a musician myself, so if I had a band or made my own music, I would love for people to blog good things about my creations and like love what I make.

I haven’t had the chance to see him perform live but I will this Saturday in Long Beach (I will not fail to comment back on this post and tell you how amazing it was).



Seriously. Go listen to him.




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