Full Moon Ritual

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SO. Full Moon Ritual eh? What brought you to this page??

Well a couple things we are going to touch up on is why and how to get through a Full Moon Ritual. (one of my many favorites)

The full moon for the month of October falls this Friday the 14! So I guess we don’t have to much time to prepare but you can always come back to this as an outline of what to do for the next full moon (there is also a New Moon Ritual that I can touch up on if any of my readers want me to blog about it).

Many of you will ask, “why the moon?” Well, if you remember from your elementary days when we learned about the Native Americans and other indigenous cultures, they were always in touch with the moon and its elements. (Of course, the earth and the universe has GAZILLIONS of elements we can use to our spiritual advantage…in all goodness). As being half Guatemalan I have done many moon rituals with my grandma. Rituals that have to do with the elements God created give us more of a sense of how beautiful and how powerful they can be. If we see the moon, (full moon) it lights up our dark nights. This is a time for purification. So for this ritual, we will be lighting the inner self. (whether it be you are lighting or “igniting” creativity in you, peace, love, all the good things that will benefit you. For this ritual you can do it on your own or get a couple of people together and make it a group thing.

What You’ll Need:
-white sage, cedar, or incense
-a couple of personal objects that have meaning to you
-flowers (of the season, both dried petals and full flowers)
-a notebook (one of those little ones would do. maybe even just some paper(s))
-a pen to write with
-candle w/lighter
-some music (anything on your spotify that relaxes you, rattle, recorder)
-stone-bowl or a shell

Steps on creating a GREAT Full Moon Ritual Experience:

(Remember – this is your time to get into a meditative mode. Think positive thoughts when setting up and throughout the ritual. There’s no amazing of time it should take. Everyone has a different connection with the ritual.) 

  • Set up your spot either at home, in your backyard, or out in nature 
  • Light up your candle and burn your sage/incense 
  • Purify yourself and your thoughts. With this step you can grab the sage and just pass it around your notebook and pen and take the time to think good thoughts. 
  • When you are ready, rip three little pieces of paper and write THREE different aspects of you that you want to IGNITE. 
  • One by one burn these papers in the fire from the candle and put the ash in your shell/stone-bowl. 
  • From this moment, you can continue to write anything you are feeling or anything you want to improve. Remember: goals will be achieved if they are set. 
  • At the end of your ritual, thank the moon, thank God, and thank all of natures entities but most especially, thank yourself for bringing you to where you are now. 
  • At this time you hold your flower petals and the ashes from the paper and let them go into the wind. 

This is just a small outline to help. You can add whatever you feel would help you connect with yourself. 


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